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August 13th, 2015 / Stephane

It’s summer, and women everywhere are beginning to panic over unexpected outbreaks and blemishes. A season where less makeup is worn, getting summer-perfect skin is no easy task. The preparation for smooth, unblemished skin starts early on in the year, and is often an expensive and long process.

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As much as I love wearing and experimenting with makeup, I honestly can’t wait to take it all off at the end of the day. Wipes, cleansers, toners and lotions all seem to do their job to some degree, and although they do work, my skin never fully benefits from their wipe-off method. The Sensio Spa Deep Pore Cleanser however- a gentle cleanser to decongest clogged pores- is something different. With its three silicone brush types, catering for all skin kinds, the gentle brushes remove makeup leaving skin soft and refreshed.

Take a small amount of cleanser (or face scrub) and place it on the small blue egg-like deep pore cleanser and circulate it around the skin. Something I’ve never used before (or wouldn’t usually buy), this product has surprised me with its ability to deeply clean beneath the skin. What I would usually do with my hands, the Sensio cleanser enables me to reach and clean areas of my skin that are otherwise forgotten. And quite beautifully, if you find the rapid vibrations irritating, there is a function button for you to alter the cleaning speed. Slower motions or faster ones, the Sensio cleanser can be tailored just for you and your skin.

spa review

Whether you want to use the cleanser to take off your makeup or just to refresh your skin in the morning, it’s a multifunctional deep cleanser that will leave your face smooth and shine-free. As well as relying on it to take off my makeup, it’s integrated its way into my morning routine too. Having just been camping for over a week, I used the cleanser twice a day to rid of daily dirt (it struck up conversations in the camping toilets too!). Yes wipes are quick and easy, but once you’ve given your skin the treatment of the Deep Pore Cleanser, there is no turning back.

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By Lisa Walden


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