Who are we?

Celebrating 5 years of telling stories, Milk + Honey is an online hub, bringing you the sweetest lifestyle and inspirational news. We are so passionate about protecting moral values and bringing an awareness of self-value and worth to young women around the globe.

With a site full of thought provoking, soul stirring and up lifting content, we aim to inspire and motivate you to become a better you. Bringing truth and heart to everything we write.

Who inspires us?

We are inspired by those who have transformed and changed the very way we think and live today. Pioneers like actor, Sidney Poitier, the first African-American to win an Academy Award. Mother Teresa, a woman who was an advocate for compassion, serving others and giving. Poet and author Maya Angelou whose words encourage and captivate the hearts and minds of our generation. Speakers like Billy Graham & Martin Luther King who inspire others through their faith and words. Ultimately we are inspired by the message of  Jesus Christ and His heart and message of love, equality and freedom.

Meet Stephané

I’d like to think of myself as an old soul. Love clean and minimalistic pictures that tell stories, jet setting to new and strange places meeting people from all walks of life, and can’t envision a life without a pastel palette brightening the day. Most importantly I love the theatre, any old school Disney classic and to round it off life is complete with a coke and fanta mixed together with no ice!

Meet Kazstarlet

I’m a married, (often sleep-deprived) mum of one, still figuring out how to navigate my new life as a mother and entrepreneur. I love charity shops, lipstick and chocolate, but not always in that order. Moreover, the probable presence of jollof rice is frequently the deciding factor of whether I will attend any party or function. @kazstarlet

Meet Dorcas

…These are a few of my favourite things:


LOVE with all the beauty and glory concealed in it,

food glorious food,

simple solitude,

an enticing book or movie/series

and heading down to Bojo beach with my husband for some sun, sand, sea and a good Pina Colada (fortunately this London girl is back home in Ghana so the later can easily be done).

And last but not least:

The Butterfly…

With process, time and Love the crawling caterpillar now has the infinite sky as it’s dancefloor and reminds me that we are all our own type of beloved beautiful butterfly. DP x

@dee_lovedx (Twitter & Instagram)

Meet Chinny

Chinny Ukata is just another twentysomething finding her way through life. Her interests include self-development, gigs and the love of her life, Arsenal FC. You can read her blog atmedium.com/@chindomiee or tweet her @chindomiee.

Meet Liv

Hey I’m Liv, usually found enjoying East London, hunting for clothes I don’t need, or freckle collecting in as many countries as I can! I love all things music, spoken word that makes you cry, deep chats, debates and adventuring with my friends! Favourite character? Agnes from despicable me! Its crazy how much those three girls are like older sisters and me! Plus… who doesn’t love unicorns? @OliviaHempsted

Meet Sara

I’m Sara. I love my city (Cardiff), my country (Wales), political satire, wit, pretty vintage things, handbags, fashion, the big issues, the trivial things that make life glorious, books, tea, being British, notebooks, lists, Cath Kidston, friends, family, Gossip Girl, Audrey Hepburn movies, politics, God, social action, but my passion lies in empowering people to reach their full potential.

Tweet me: @Sarallam


Meet Kristina

Hello Everybody! I’m Kristina but you can call me K.Love! I’m an American actress from Houston, Texas currently residing and performing in Berlin, Germany. My job takes me all over the world and I absolutely love it! I’ve been writing for Milk and Honey for 5 years, and it’s one of my greatest joys! I love to encourage people to take risks and live their best lives by sharing my life experiences. I am a singer, dancer, actress and a songwriter. I love music, people and food!!  I hope you are encouraged, by something I share. God bless!

Meet Bridgette

Oh Happy Day friends! Bridgette here with a few facts about myself. I enjoy record players, dark chocolate and wrapping myself up in a big quilt with a good book, especially when it’s raining outside. My favourite human will always be my grandfather. I adore sculpting words onto pages; words create worlds. I hope to build a universe of encouragement with my words. And I have to say, I am so grateful that a carpenter chose me long before I ever even knew Him.