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The Top 7 Beauty Trends of 2017

June 6th, 2017 / Stephane

This year, the bold and the beautiful is in style, with fashion designers opting for looks that draw the eye and make a statement. From luscious hairstyles to shimmering makeup designs, there’s no shortage of fun and funky fashion trends this season. Look out for these hot new styles this summer, and if you’re feeling fearless, try some out for yourself!

  1. Long, Silky Hair

Long locks are in this summer, we’re talking long rapunzel-length hairstyles. If you don’t have naturally long hair, you can achieve this look with hair extensions. Straighten your locks for a sleek and chic look, wear it in a casual up-do, or fashion it in tumbling waves.

  1. Glitter Lip Colour

Glitter is quickly becoming a favourite in the fashion industry this year, with bold, glittery makeup taking off in popularity. Shimmering lip colour can give your lips a fresh and funky feel that’s sure to catch some eyes. Glitter dusting is a long-lasting way to add some sparkle to your lips by simply swiping some powder over your favourite lip gloss.

  1. Holographic Makeup

This futuristic trend looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, with shiny metallics and glossy colours in space-age jewel tones such as lilac, blue, and silver. You can find nail polishes, eyeshadows, lipsticks, and even skin powders that produce a holographic shimmer under bright light.

  1. Ombre Colouring

Whether it’s your hair, your clothing, or your makeup, you can’t go wrong this summer with ombre. Ombre hair colouring is a hot new look that gives your hair a multifaceted appearance without the rigorous upkeep that traditional dye jobs and highlights require, while ombre makeup helps to accent and highlight facial features.

  1. Microblading

Looking for the perfect eyebrow? Microblading can help you can achieve a clean, smooth edge to your brow without any gels, pencils or powders. Using a specialised tool, your beautician can carefully apply pigment just below the surface of your skin underneath your eyebrow, much like a tattoo. Semi-permanent colour gives you full, luscious brows that require barely any upkeep or maintenance.

  1. Growth Serums for Facial Hair

You can also get rich, bolder eyebrows by using serums designed to thicken facial hair. Many over-the-counter options contain biotin and peptides, which help to encourage healthy hair growth. You can also find stronger prescription serums, but these may have side effects such as dryness and discoloration.

  1. Powder Nail Polish

There’s nothing more obnoxious than getting a brand-new manicure, only to have it chip later that day. Dip-powder manicures and pedicures are the very latest innovation in the world of nail polish, providing a smooth and long-lasting look that doesn’t lose its lustre for up to four weeks.

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