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Be Inspired: Beauty Brand, She’s A Dreamer

December 23rd, 2016 / Stephane

Milk + Honey talk with inspirational brand Founder, Matilde Ø. Hansen

It sums it up in the name, She’s A dreamer... Instantly you’re inspired and want to know more right? Founded by former make up artist Matilde Ø. Hansen, She’s A Dreamer hail from Copenhagen, Denmark and are on a mission to inspire women with each and every product. Hansen says her goal is to…

remind you to dream to awaken your inner voice and hear it loud and clear”.

So it was only right we caught up with her to find how it all came to life! Prepare to be INSPIRED!

One – We are just in love with your brand name, She’s A Dreamer – what was the inspiration behind the name?

I have always been a dreamer looking for new opportunities, improving myself and thriving for more. One day I was playing with the thought of a new company, browsing around the web for some inspiration. I fell over the quote as on the pouches “She’s a dreamer a doer a thinker etc… It really described my whole feeling inside and I think that is what it does to many others. As I played on with it I knew that the brand name had to be just “She’s A Dreamer”. It is my identity and my life philosophy

Two – What chances did you take in your life that have allowed you to be where you are today?

First of all becoming a freelance hair and makeup artist learned me to be spontaneous, taking chances and not knowing what the next month would bring. Everyone told me it was no safe way to go and you could not live from it. I guess I proved them wrong and that made me confident to take new chances. Also the spontaneous idea of going to Sydney for 6 month was a chance i took, a chance that lead me to the inspiration I use today in She’s A Dreamer.

Three – Who inspires you?

I would rather say it is a feeling that inspires me. I want my designs to be a physical product that describes this feeling of wanderlust, sunny coast lines and exploring the beauty of the world. My products should be companions on the journey so you can say it is the traveling people who inspires me.

Four – What’s your favourite piece of your collection?

It is the emerald green hammam towel. It just gives me that feeling of summer and the color is amazing. Another thing is that it takes up like no space in your closet or suitcase. It looks stylish both in my bathroom as well as on the beach.

Also I love the medium size pouch, really perfect for packing all my beauty products when I go on a holiday. The gold linen inside kind of works like a light which makes it more easy to navigate in the pouch.

Five – To a young woman reading this now at a crossroads to pursue their true dreams and passions, what advice would you give them?

Your gut feeling is always telling the truth! Trust that inner voice. Another thing is, and I know you’ve heard the line before but you really only have this life (some think) wouldn’t it be a shame not to live the fullest, take chances and mostly do what excites you?

Six – Where does She’s A Dream retail in the UK & US?

At the moment She’s A Dreamer is only available at and a few other danish stores. We are always open for suggestions of new retailers though 😉

Seven – Lastly, do you have any dreams you are yet to accomplish and if so what are they?

The next dream business wise I am working on, is to create a bikini line. Next year She’s A Dreamer is transforming to a beachwear brand but still with the towels and the pouches of course. Also I have another project on the way… let me just say “Little Dreamer”.



IG: @shesadreamerdk

Facebook: shesadreamerdk

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