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Luxury Beauty Resort in the heart of Bucharest

We headed out to Romania’s capital, Bucharest for nothing short of indulgence and relaxation. Highly recommended in the city is, Central Shakti. A 5* Beauty & Spa resort servicing both locals and those of influence. The level of service provided and also care to those aching joints will have you feeling lighter and pain-free once you leave it’s doors. Here’s a brief review of my experience there:

Location 9/10 (Bucharest)

Centrul Shakti  is located in the city center (about 10 minutes’ drive from our hotel). Neatly tucked away behind a row of vintage buildings our Uber driver had a rather straight-forward drive. Bucharest is not the most glamorous of cities, however it’s dull sparkle provided a sense of something always about to potentially happen.

Style/character 9/10

It’s clear to see that the architecture in Romania is a combination of Romanticism and Neoclassical elements.  Though many modern 21st century buildings are mostly made of glass and steel, the spa seemed to drift towards the older more vintage designs. Upon entering the building its open space design felt warm and inviting. Our host (also owner of the spa) was equally welcoming and his knowledge of the UK during his time here made us feel at home though very far away. The classic design seemed to be an integral part of the spa’s infrastructure and allowed it’s vintage theme to form the bedrock of the establishment.

Spa facilities and treatment 8/10

The spa featured treatment rooms, a nail salon and stunning oval bath tubs. A spiral staircase – led to a row of treatment rooms and bathrooms. Wood with vintage roofing, was the constant theme within Centrul Shakti’s open design treatment rooms. Not was there a well thought out design structure for this spa, the masseurs well also  well in tune and a level above that which I had experienced in he UK. The depth of knowledge provided by the masseuses made me feel at ease. My cheeky nature tried to hide all my kinks and minor pains but with medical excellence they sniffed it out and then offered me practical advice with how to work on troubled areas that have frustrated me for years.

The spa menu consolidated the whole ethos of the Centrul Shakti brand. The core ingredients of the products, including food provided (organic and fresh fruit smoothies upon arrival) demonstrated the spa’s aim to provide care that stemmed from use of organic products throughout its care range. The body and facial massage used smoothing, refreshing and re-energising natural oil-based treatments.

Overal – 9/10 – Definitely worth a visit.

 Written by Andrew Prince

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