November 6th, 2017 / Stephane

Top things to bring on a family hiking trip

Hiking with the family can be a great trip, until something goes wrong and everyone’s aching to go home. Exploring the wild a good way to connect kids with the outdoors, which can also help them learn how to appreciate nature. To make sure your family will bond and have a great time, bring the following items and make it a success.


The number one mood killer: everyone hungry. Tired, hungry and thirsty: no one will want to hike anymore. Bring the right snacks to make sure everyone is happy. Ensure you have enough food for the hours you are planning on hiking for and preferably take healthy and nutritious snacks. Bring sandwiches and veggies for the main meals, and nuts, crackers, fruit and other mixes for in between. Most important of all: a lot of water. Make sure you put everything into solid containers so nothing gets crushed.

Comfortable clothing

You want to make sure everyone is comfortable with their bag and not carrying too much. An average sized comfortable backpack should do the trick, as well as well fitted clothes. This means dressing for the weather and possible rain or temperature changes. Bring some warm clothes in case of rain and make sure each child has an easily accessible sweater round their waist. If you’re planning on doing a bit of swimming make sure you have swimsuits and appropriate clothing as well as packaging (have plastic bags for wet clothes). Depending on where you will be hiking, comfortable boots will avoid having to deal with painful blisters and bruised feet. Encourage everyone to do some walking in their boots before the trip if they are new.  

First-aid kit

Although emergencies may seem unlikely, remember it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. In you first-aid kit you should have several pain relievers, bandages, tweezers, and any other items if you child has certain health conditions. Also, remember to bring the right tools for the weather. If you’re expecting sun, bring sunscreen or insect repellent, and a mini-flashlight in case you’re there until dark.

If you take into account these three items when going hiking with the family, you’ll be able to focus on the most important part: having fun! This means encouraging your kids to explore the woods and to be curious about their surroundings. Bring a camera and some paper and pen for them to draw and take notes. Show them the importance of taking care of the environment and explain to them the best ways to recycle and leave the surroundings clean.


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