February 19th, 2018 / Stephane

Storytime just got a whole lot more exciting...

There is nothing like a bedtime story that sends you off to the land of nod, full of dreams filled with adventure and mystery.

Bedtime reading just got that much more exciting with Wonderbly. Now you can make it that extra bit more personal  literally! With personalized children’s books, perfect for any child at any age it’s like the Chocolate Factory of story time, and yes, they even have the Willy Wonka experience personalised in. a book!

Wonderbly is a marvellously unusual, award winning publishing startup that plays in the intersection of storytelling and technology. On a mission to inspire boundless self-belief in children through clever and sophisticated personalisation. Formerly known as Lost My Name, we found a new name in July 2017 and Wonderbly was born.

Once upon a time (in 2012) four friends got together to make a personalised book – better than any personalised book that had ever been made before! They worked on it in their spare time as a pet project. Late nights. Understanding families. Pretending to work on work stuff at work, when they weren’t. Eventually it was finished—a charming story called The Little Girl/Boy Who Lost Their Name, in which the story itself would change based on the name of the child it was created for. It was even more magical than the friends had imagined.

We decided to get The Birthday Thief, The Christmas Snowflake and the classic, The Little Boy Who lost His name for our son. All three have some intricate details which will make them an all time fav at bedtime as he gets older. As a parent I love the concept of a book that has my Childs name in it and pictures that resemble him also! It makes story time all the more exciting for all of us! I even got a little character shout out in The Christmas Snowflake!

So what you waiting for! Wonderbly is a great concept and a memorable gift for your children, nieces and nephews and maybe even one day your pets? Who knows!

Visit to get in on all the action!

Photos by Ellie Edkins

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