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May 1st, 2015 / Stephane

I’ve never been one to take the best care of my skin. In fact, I’m guilty of breaking all of conventional rules of personal skincare: Some of those being, drink lots of water, never go to sleep with your make up on, wear sunscreen and oops!, not forgetting don’t pop your zits!

Needless to say when I headed out to indulge a spa facial treatment from skincare guru, Adina Diaz, I was thrilled, yet equally apprehensive as I had no idea what to expect.


Located in a luxury suite in Beverly Hills, Adina Diaz Skincare is amongst the best and most renowned beauty specialists in a city that thrives on setting beauty standards.

I was in for quite a treat from the moment I entered the premises. I had the pleasure of being greeted by Adina herself, offering delicious and healthy looking treats and the choice of a refreshing fruit filled mimosa, seltzer or spring water before being escorted into the beautifully decorated spa chamber.


(Pictured Above: Adina Diaz)

Once I was settled, Adina took the time to consult with me on my skin regimen. I’d imagined I would be reprimanded for my terrible skincare practices but rather, she kindly and expertly offered insight and encouragement in areas she felt I could improve in whilst making clear what I was risking by not making my skin care a priority.

photo 2 (2)

Following the initial consultation, we settled on an appropriate spa treatment for my skin profile that consisted of the following customized steps:

1) Two cleanses; the Amaranth Gentle Cleanse and then the application of Green Tea and Lavender Cleansing Milk to my face.

2) Steam and exfoliation with Lemon Poppy Seed Foaming Powder Cleanse

Next up was the Diamond Tip Crystal-less micro-dermabrasion treatment, followed by a Nuface Micro-Current Treatment * This was done with 99% Aloe Gel From Lilly’s. She then went on to do a Pumpkin Enzyme Peel (This treatment lasted for 3 minutes). She then went on to some light extractions and toned my face with d20 Hydra Mist.

My skin was then moisturised and had the natural oils refreshed with Willowherb SerumHibiscus Lotion and a Hydro Therapy Eye Serum was applied around my eye area. Lastly, Recovery Lip Balm on my lips.

Adina’s passion and enthusiasm for skin care is contagious. She was full of all sorts of tips on how to create a simple yet effective skin care regimen that works for a busy lifestyle.  I felt better having spoken to her and more motivated than I had been previously to be more serious and consistent about taking better care of my skin.

All treatments performed with naturally-derived, holistic ingredients of Lotus Moon Skincare Products.

photo 3

Want in on all the fun? Visit to see her extensive list of treatments and get to booking.

Review By Hope. W

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