Mummy Time: Baby shower Gifts

June 20th, 2018 / Stephane

What you should really buy for a new mum...

Ah, baby showers. Afternoons filled with trying to guess what suspect flavour of baby food is concealed in unlabelled jars and deciphering popular brands of melted chocolate from nappies. Stomach-churning. Nevertheless, you go because it’s your friend and you’re excited about her new journey of motherhood.
You may be stuck on what to get but for the occasion – and whilst cute baby grows are an almost irresistible purchase, check out some of our top picks of other goodies you may not have thought of that would be great for mum:
  1. Love Boo Miracle Oil is a delicious blend of natural oils (almond, passionflower, mandarin and argan) that work to keep both pregnancy and postpartum skin soft and supple. It is also on hand to help reduce stretch marks. (£15.99; available from:

2. Meemoobaby Meelight is a nifty little light that attaches to clothing and will help the sleepy parent on duty see what on earth they’re actually doing during nighttime feeds and nappy changes. No more turning on bright lamps or having to cleverly balance the torch on your phone. Or fumbling in the dark because you can’t find a switch or your phone.

(£39.99; available from:
3. Medela Purelan Nipple Cream will hopefully save your friend from the pain of flaming nipples that can come with breastfeeding. Not fun. BUT this (along with gloriously chilled cabbage leaves) will stand her in good stead. What is more, this cream is made from 100% pure lanolin and is totally safe to be left on during feeds. Yay for that! (37g tube £5.75; Stockists: Amazon and Mothercare)
4. Bravado Designs Original Nursing Bra is a great choice of nursing bra for your friend, as it is comfortable (wire-free, yaaasss!) and it looks good. There are even four great designs to choose from. (£27; available from
5. Love Boo Perineum Massage Oil is a must, if you are truly a BFF. Midwives often recommend massaging the perineum (Google it, but maybe not the images and possibly not at work) to prevent tearing and stitches during birth and this oil (100% natural) is a great shout. The oil also works well for massaging into general aches and pains that come especially towards the end of pregnancy. (£12.99; available from:
You’re welcome.
Written by Kazstarlet
Twitter: @kazstarlet
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