October 2nd, 2017 / Stephane

By The Guilty Mummy

Me time? Remember that thing you used to do frequently before children? Those lazy weekends in bed, shopping for hours on end and getting pampered? When you become a mum it can be extremely difficult to fit “me time” in. In fact it is wholly possible to forget that you are anything else but a mum!

I’m a “stay at home working mum which means I look after my two young boys fulltime and I have two jobs that I do from home. I’m a freelance social media manager and of course a blogger. This leaves VERY little time to focus on me. Life is insanely crazy. Despite this there are times where I have to stop and make some time for ME. I will often find myself getting in a fret or panicking about my to do list and this is my alarm bell that I need to step back. I don’t always find it easy to source the time or the money to pamper myself like I used to but I’ve found that these 5 things help clear my mind and make me feel more positive.



And I don’t mean the kids bath time! Every night before bed I make a conscious effort to go upstairs and make myself a hot bubbly bath. Even on nights where I’m just too tired and want to go to bed I still do it. It’s the only 30 minutes that I have solely to myself each day.


I LOVE reading but I rarely get the time to really get into a book. My guilty pleasure is YouTube. I’m a blogger/vlogger myself so I love watching other vloggers and their day in the life videos. I usually watch these when the boys are in bed and I’m cooking our evening meal. It’s a great form of escapism and of course I’m a bit nosey too. I love to see what other mums are getting up to!


Pampering is expensive. Once upon a time I used to get my hair, eyebrows and nails done monthly. Now I’m rarely able to get out of the house for an appointment. I do however try my very best to do it now and again. I might go and get my nails done or get my haircut. It makes me feel human again and allot less “mumsy” No one else would even notice that I’ve had a little pamper but it makes me feel better and that’s the important thing.


Without the kids! I think it’s so important to make time to see friends without the children. Have you tried having a “catch-up” in a soft play? You spend less time talking and more time squeezing through dirty obstacle courses to find your lost child.

Once a month I walk into town with a mum friend who lives close by and we enjoy a night drinking wine and talking about life. It’s something I really look forward to each month and another thing that makes me feel like myself.


Without listening to frozen or lion king! Ok call me crazy but I like going for a little drive after the boys are in bed. I will leave my husband at home and nip to the supermarket or the petrol station. It gives me 20 minutes to myself and I LOVE having a singsong to music that isn’t Disney.

So there they are! My 5 top tips for giving myself some ME time. I would of course love to make an effort to do allot more but we all know that’s not always possible. Being a mum is without a doubt the best job you will ever do but it’s also the hardest. Never forget yourself in the craziness of life. Happy mum = happy children and that of course is the best incentive there is right?

How do you find time for yourself?


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