Five reasons to take a trip to Ragdale Hall

May 6th, 2016 / Stephane

Ragdale Hall is a health hydro and thermal spa, situated in the heart of Leicestershire. It has previously been described as ‘the John Lewis of spas’—so naturally, we were intrigued to see whether it lived up to the hype. We soon discovered that it did. In one mere day we transformed from exhausted Londoners who, by the hairs of their chinny chin chin had made it onto their Leicester-bound train—into totally relaxed beings. Here are five contributing factors to this transformation:

1. The White Robes

White Robes

Upon arrival we noticed that we were incredibly overdressed. Everywhere we turned, we saw people milling around in white robes and flip-flops. It seemed to be the uniform of Ragdale Hall. It was as though we were transported into a world where clothes were a mere suggestion. Within a few hours, we decided that if you can’t beat ‘em, you might as well join them. From there onwards, every meal and activity was dutifully executed with a soft white robe. It was amazing how changing into a robe puts you in a frame of mind where you begin to wind down and take things easy.

 2. The Scenery


Ragdale Hall is situated on stunning grounds and surrounded by verdant rolling hills, which for those more used to concrete slabs and exhaust fumes, makes a delightful change. Guests are free to stroll the grounds and if you’re lucky enough to arrive when the weather is good—there is nothing better than curling up with a good book (in your robe, obvs) and getting lost in the moment.

 3. The Treatments

The Treatments

There are over 200 treatments that you can choose from. You can indulge in everything from deep tissue massages, to reflexology, manicures and pedicures.

We opted for the Face and Back Therapy treatment, designed to melt away the stress and leave you feeling revived. Needless to say, the combination of gentle massaging, sweet-smelling essential oils and pan-pipe music chilled us all the way out. I particularly enjoyed the facial because it left my skin glowing for the rest of the day.

 4. The Options

The Gym - Options

One thing that Ragdale Hall does particularly well is cater to the varying tastes and proclivities of its guests. There are lots of zones and areas within Ragdale to choose from, depending on what you like and enjoy. If you prefer to be more active, there are plenty of exercise classes and a fully kitted out gym. If your one mission is to read a good book with a glass of wine in your hand—there is room for you here too. You can also hire bikes and explore the surroundings, should you want to. There is something for everyone.

 5. The Thermal Spa

Waterfall Pool - Thermal Spa

This was by far our favourite spot. The spa area was designed to wind around and at every turn, there is a space that is seeking to be explored. From the Candle Pool, which feels like a secret underwater cavern, to the Thought Zone (‘a place for inspirational thoughts’)—each space was a wonder. The best zone had to be the Waterfall Pool, which is a well-heated outdoor pool. If you go at night and choose the right spot, you can relax in bliss whilst looking up at the stars.

Even if you have the shortest of stays at Ragdale Hall, you are bound to leave more relaxed than when you came. The staff are very friendly and hospitable, making the stay even more pleasant. We would recommend Ragdale Hall if you wanted a chilled out time with some of your best girlfriends or even a treat for mum. What’s more, with experiences starting from as little as £49—there is something to suit every budget.

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