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Out & About: Soma Therapy

June 2nd, 2016 / Stephane

How about a cheeky massage? Or perhaps not so cheeky after all. It’s interesting how we deem massages and body treatments as a luxury – having visited the Soma Therapy family I have to say I have a whole new approach when it comes to wellness.

Soma Therapy-1-3

Both me and my friend headed down to their studio to try out a Deep Tissue Massage! We were greeted by a bright and warm smile from the receptionist. She offered us drinks and gave us an in-depth consultation form to complete looking at our health overall. Next it was straight into the treatment rooms.

Peter carried out my treatment and talked through the areas in my body that needed relieving and were tense. I had no idea how much strain being sat at my laptop day in and out would have on my body, and the tension I had built up around my neck area.

It was a beautiful experience all round and my body felt relaxed after the treatment! Literally like I was a walking cloud! Peter expressed the importance of maintaining treatments like this regularly. We often get so caught up with our day to day activities and neglect the importance of maintaining such treatments to give our bodies that well-deserved break.

All round the experience was delightful, the staff both warm and friendly and our treatments – outstanding! We caught up with owner, Peter to find out more about his vision for Soma Therapy.

What is Soma Therapy?

Soma therapy is a complimentary therapy studio in Islington, London. We have been opened since September 2015. Soma therapy has been created from a therapist’s perspective. Lighting, comfort, ambience, music, environment have all been taken into consideration.

We believe that a treatment involves two people, the Therapist and the client. Each as important as the other. If you have a skilled, happy, considerate and attentive therapist then you will have a fulfilled and happy client.

We have a great team that consists of very experienced therapists and some new, enthusiastic and skilled members of our team.

The one thing that we all have in common is that we love what we do!

What can clients expect when they come to Soma Therapy?

Clients can expect a warm welcome in a relaxed environment, they can expect to be treated like real people and not just another client.

They can expect a professional treatment given with skill care and attention.

They will receive a first class treatment from therapists who listen, love their work and enjoy the company of all who pass through our doors.

Soma Therapy-1-5

What inspired the name?

Soma therapy is taken from the Greek word Soma. Soma means body in Greek. When people say there “for Soma” is in pain it also means their mind and spirit are in discomfort.

Out of all the treatments and services you offer what is your favourite?

My favourite treatment is Reflexology. This was the first treatment I learnt. I was in the fashion industry for 12 years before being a therapist. I had suffered with migraines since my teens right through to my 20,s. A friend was studying Reflexology and asked me to be one of her case histories. I accepted, this meant that I received a reflexology treatment every week. After four sessions my migraines were gone. I was totally blown away. This inspired me to study the therapy that had cured my headaches. That was in 1994 and I have only had about 4 light migraines since. It was also my introduction to the wonderful world of health, relaxation and wellbeing. For this reason I will always be grateful to my therapist and Reflexology.

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With life being so busy, how important is it for us as stop and take time out for a massage?

The treatments we give are of great importance to our wellbeing. It’s a time dedicated to ourselves for our physical and spiritual health. It’s a time to receive! There’s nothing wrong with receiving. We spend most of our time giving ourselves to our responsibilities. Our bodies and minds love it when we reward them.

It’s always worth taking a little time out to rest, regroup and recharge. By doing so we allow our bodies and minds to be more efficient. Life feels better and it gives us the strength to we need to make it more enjoyable.

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An all round a 5* experience. Be sure to book yourself or a loved one in at Soma Therapy!

Visit now to view their extensive list of services.

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