2016 LA Beauty Hot Spots: EWC

December 26th, 2015 / Stephane

With 2016 upon us, it only seemed right that we put together some of our favourite hot spots for you to get glammed up in light of the new year. So I travelled to Downtown LA to present you with our Top Waxing Hot Spot in Los Angeles!!!

 European Wax Centre (Downtown LA)

European Wax Center Review

Next on the list ladies. It’s waxing time! My esthetician was a lovely lady named Jazmine. She took me through to the waxing room and it was all clothing off. First up I had a Pre Wax Cleanser removing all make up or lotion that would prevent the quality of the wax taking place. Next up Jazmine applied a Pre Wax Oil protecting my skin and  creating a barrier so that the wax is responding only to the hair and not the skin.

Then we were all good to go, yes all guns blazing. My Hollywood Wax (literally) was not pain-free to say the least but the job was certainly done! After all hair was removed, the Comfort Wax (only one in the world with this wax formula) was applied to avoid breakouts and bumps. I was then given the Ingrown Hair Serum used post wax to prevent ingrown hairs and breakouts. This costs just $25 and should be used twice a day to minimise darkness.

We caught up with Melanie Gilliland, European Wax Center’s Chief Wax Expert and Educator

At the European Wax Centre what is your personal favorite treatment and why? 

My favorite treatment to do and to receive has to be brows. I love doing them because you can really bring out the best in your guests face and it’s a chance to be creative. Guests get so happy when they see the finished product, which makes me happy. I love getting mine done it makes me feel pretty. I have blond brows so waxing then actually makes them look thicker and then having brow powder applied, I just feel like a million bucks.

European Wax Center Review

What are some of the benefits of waxing and the methods you use at EWC?

There are so many benefits to waxing. Let’s start with the actual hair. If you wax regularly without shaving, you hair grows in MUCH finer and more sparse. Rather than growing in with a blunt edge, which is rough to the touch, it grows in with a fine tip. Meaning, even when the hair is growing back in, it is soft. It gets to where you can’t see or feel it. Also, it takes a few weeks to grow in so people who wax spend most of their life smooth, rather than most of their life with rough stubble.

Waxing also has a beautiful effect in the skin. The skin is exfoliated by the wax and becomes very soft. Waxing the legs and arms gives beautiful soft skin, and waxing the face not only creates the same effect, but creates a smooth beautiful canvas for makeup application.

The method that we use at EWC (our four steps to gorgeous) only accelerates these results. First we cleanse and protect the skin, making sure that the skin is prepped best. This allows the wax to remove the most hairs possible from the root. Broken hair, if broken too short or under the skin, cannot be removed from the root and in turn is missing the chance to become finer.

Our comfort wax is so luxurious for many reasons, one being, the ways it’s made it doesn’t crack like other hard waxes. (Assuming that everyone knows not to use strip wax at all. It is dated and very harsh on the skin. Don’t let anyone convince you into strip wax!) Of all hard waxes our is by far the best to work with and to be waxed by. When wax cracks it can break hair, and it hurts. Our exclusive comfort wax creates best results by staying in tact and drying to most luxurious consistency, making it easy to remove. Also, it only adheres to the hair and not to the skin, making a much more comfortable experience for our guests.

EWC Background_full

Last, we use a rejuvenating product to add whatever the skin needs (depending on the body part) to ensure our guests are revealing their beautiful skin as soon as they strut out of our Centers.

My favorite benefit of waxing is why I love being a waxer. It makes our guests feel gorgeous!! All day long guests get off the wax bed saying, “I feel amazing”, “I feel like I lost ten pounds”, etc. Feeling good about yourself changes your whole vibe and attracts good things. I love that I can help people get that feeling!

What are some of your favorite tips for skin maintenance between waxes?

It’s all about exfoliating and moisturizing!! Removing that full dry skin and keeping your good skin moisturizer not only keeps you looking gorgeous day to day, but has incredible long term effects. Everyone should be exfoliating in some small was daily, and supplementing that with an exfoliating treatment a couple times a week. And then, moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. You will never look back and say, “I should not have put on so much lotion” definitely have a routine like applying moisturizer after the shower, but don’t be afraid to keep multiple bottles around the house, just to make it easy for yourself to apply throughout the day. By the couch, next to the computer, times that you’re sitting down, you can get a little moisture in that skin.

And of course I cannot not mention, drink water!!!

Wax regularly, and never shave. You will love how your skin starts to look and feel!


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