Norwegian brand KAOS launches the worlds most flexible wall bars

October 24th, 2017 / Stephane

The Norwegian startup KAOS attracts great attention with their upcoming product launch, KAOS Endeløs. 

In 2016 KAOS received funding from Innovation Norway to develop the prototype on their first piece of furniture, KAOS Endeløs. KAOS Endeløs is the world’s most flexible wall bars; based on modules, custom accessories and overall clean design the KAOS Endeløs grows with your family, from toddler life to adulthood.
For those who don’t know KAOS develops Norwegian design-led products for life with kids with a focus on smart functionality. Since its launch KAOS has become well established in both Norway and abroad with distribution in 18 countries. The KAOS collection is expanding and the turnover has tripled annually. KAOS is owned and managed by Mette Bordal Hansen and Gineline Kalleberg.
Permafrost is a well-established, recognized industrial design agency based in Oslo that has produced award winning work for Stokke, to mention one. 
The Endeløs project grew to be a collaboration with well known Permafrost after the girls presented the Endless concept last year. «We grew up having wall bars in our homes and would love to bring them back now that we have kids of our own. But we wanted a modern wall bar for modern homes». That’s why KAOS has approached wall bars as an interior element rather than a gym equipment. Breaking it down to modules and custom accessories, the possibilities are truly endless.
KAOS Endeløs is ready for market, but the girls needs more funding to start bulk production. November 1st they are launching KAOS Endeløs on Kickstarter. The goal is to collect 200,000 NOK (app 21 300 EUR).
Crowdfunding through a platform like Kickstarter will be a new experience. “As a start-up without investors we have been dependent on asking for help, it has taken us this far,” says founder Mette Bordal Hansen.
Friends and family have contributed in everything from developing the profile to product photography. «Launching a product on Kickstarter feels like dressing naked in front of strangers, asking if they like what they see. We’re crossing fingers they do» says founder Gineline Kalleberg.
Please find a preview of the Kickstarter campaign here:
All «Rewards» will be made visible as soon as we have launched. People who back the project will have the chance to buy KAOS Endless at up to 25% discount
(Kickstarter price starting at NOK 1999,-/ app 213 EUR, while retail price will be NOK 2499,-/ app 266 EUR).
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