FEATURE: The Greatest Book of All Time

August 21st, 2012 / Stephane

 The greatest book of all time- what an accolade! I’ve always been a keen and avid reader. Ever since I could read I loved reading books that allowed me to escape to different lands, building worlds in my imagination and later as I got older using books to learn about different cultures, as a way of learning. I’m a firm believer that words have power and books can be impacting. They can capture an era and define a generation. They often have influence far beyond their immediacy and defy taboos and tackle prejudice. Some books have had profound effects on me. So how do some of the most popular books of recent times- the Harry Potter series, Hunger Games, 50 Shades of Grey and Twilight compare to what I think is the greatest book of all time- the Bible? I believe the Bible is the greatest book of all time because it is relevant, relational, real, redeeming and remarkable. Here’s why….

The bible is not only important and adaptable but eternally relevant to our time. The stories it tells, the people it describes and the God it represents is as relevant now as ever. I believe it addresses and deals with every kind of human emotion- sorrow, love, joy, peace, pain, grief, mercy, grace, despair. You name it! If read with an open mind and an open heart it can speak truth and wisdom directly to into your situation. It is applicable to all conditions and paints a picture of how life can be for each and every one of us. It’s a guide for life, abundant life, uninhibited joy and freedom. The kind of life everyone surely wants and deserves to live.

It is also relational. It uses unlikely heroes. Samson– fatally flawed by his attraction to women. David– the forgotten about brother who turned up at the right place at the right time, slayed a giant and went on to be one of the most celebrated and important kings of the Bible. Moses– a shy stutterer who delivered generations from slavery by finding the boldness to step into the God given potential he had within. The Bible is literally full of people who achieved greatness and impacted multitudes beyond them qualified solely by their potential not their actual. God has placed potential within us all, he designed us specifically and intricately to fulfil a purpose- we all have a place and we all have promise regardless of our past or present situations.

The redemption of the Bible captivates me. How God carved such beauty from nothing and how he designed us with thought and purpose but crucially how he saved us despite our unworthiness and paid the highest ransom out of love for us. He redeems us because he loves us, not because he has to.

The reality of the Bible is that God gave us everything, a perfect and unblemished world, watched us marr it then rescued us in love. He extends grace unconditionally and offers relentless mercy. His love conquers all, his peace transcends all. He came for us all and if there had been only you or I he would still have paid just as high a price. The struggles and battles the Bible describes are not only metaphorical and certainly aren’t hypothetical they are also actual and tangible.

Lastly the Bible is remarkable. The Bible is remarkable not just in its ability to stand the test of time but in its tenacity and commitment to display love and hope in the face of despair, beauty and restoration in the place of ugliness and brokenness. It speaks of how God brought form out of nothing, covered us in light when we first chose darkness. It is well worth a read and with an open mind I fully believe it can and will change your life.

Written by Sara Bennett

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