FEATURE: Kicking the habit of a lifetime

January 19th, 2014 / Stephane

Kicking a habit can be tough. It can feel daunting and overwhelming and it’s easy to find it hard to muster the motivation to even start sometimes. But the sense of pride you get from overcoming something you used to genuinely struggle with or be succumbed to is worth it. New years often come with resolutions, new hopes and dreams and, for most people, they are an excellent time to throw new resolve, time and money into change- either starting a new habit or kicking a bad one.


So what does it take to kick a habit? It often takes discipline, commitment, perseverance, time and sometimes money. But mostly, it takes courage. Courage to start and see beyond the reality of your situation at this current time. Sometimes allowing yourself to dream a bit bigger, envision that there might be more for you than where you are currently at or raising your game taking you from your comfort zone to the next level takes bravery. Starting is so often not the hardest step and often things get harder before they get better but it is the first step and until you start you cannot know how hard giving up a habit is.



Sticking at something when the going gets tough is by no means easy. But it is worth it. Find someone who might be able to help encourage you to keep going or someone who’s already kicked that or a similar habit who can help you put together a plan. Make a point of setting yourself realistic small steps but don’t lose sight of the bigger picture- you will get there.


Sometimes looking back and taking stock at how far you’ve come is worth it. Once you’ve taken a few steps forward allow yourself to be proud. Renew your strength and resolve with the confidence that you will get there and you can do it.

The potential within each and every one of us is astonishing. You would not believe what you can achieve once you really put your mind to it. It takes hard work and isn’t always easy but it’s worth it. You are capable of incredible things if only you’d take the initial first step.

By Sara Bennett

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