December 3rd, 2017 / Stephane

Creating a gender neutral nursery for your new baby

For many of people, keeping the gender of your new baby a secret makes the whole experience even more special. For others, pushing gendered colours and themes onto your new little one seems unnecessary. Whatever your reasons, decorating your new arrival’s nursery space with gender neutral colour palettes and designs in mind is a popular choice amongst new parents, and definitely something to consider. Take a look at these easy tips on how to create a stylish gender neutral nursery you’ll love!

Keep things minimal

There’s a reason some of the best interior design inspiration is so sparse and simple. Keeping decor to a minimum is key to creating a beautiful space. Scandinavian interiors are a great place to look for some minimal inspiration, so consider creating a Pinterest board or mood board with images you love before you begin your decorating journey.

Go for neutral shades

Colours such as white, beige and grey are great for baby’s nursery’s. Not only are they non-gender specific, but these colours can also have a calming effect on little ones which is perfect for aiding sleep (and ensuring you get some much needed rest!) If you prefer to keep things a bit brighter, consider painting a feature wall in a bold colour of your choice, or using some creative patterned wallpaper.

Choose furniture wisely

The furniture you go for is an important element of any room. Themed cots, play pens and chairs with princess designs have no place in a gender neutral nursery. Instead look for simple yet striking pieces with beautiful wooden designs. While these types of elegant pieces can often be pricey, there are many great online retailers such as the Children’s Bed Shop who offer stylish nursery furniture to fit every budget.

Keep things cosy

While you want the space to look good, you also need to remember to make it feel great too! Keep the furnishings and layout of the space nice and cosy for your little one, with soft rugs and high quality bedding. Consider creating a space where you can relax with your baby, such as a rocking chair with some fluffy blankets and cushions. The more welcoming and peaceful the space feels, the happier you and your baby will feel.

Add a personal touch

Trying your hand at some DIY is a great way to unleash your creativity and bring more personality to the nursery. There are some brilliant tutorials online with tips on making a mobile for your baby, and they’re often a lot easier than you’d think. If you’re particularly artistic, you could even try painting some wall murals or stenciling some cute shapes and imagery onto the walls for a lovely finishing touch.

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