Circumstantial Faith

December 29th, 2016 / Stephane

By KLove

I’m an artist. The very nature of what I do demands I become accustomed to hearing- NO. Since artistic appeal is solely subjective and not input based, I thought I had made peace with this truth. However, I recently found my way of coping with rejection was creating a comfortable box to fit in, so my feelings didn’t get hurt by getting my hopes up beyond my past experiences. I allowed professional and personal disappointment dictate how far I believed God could take me. I settled to reside within the “safe” borders of a fence built with bricks of disappointment, when I was created for freedom. I realized the faith I thought I had was merely circumstantial, dependent upon whether got what I wanted, or if I was seen as winning. However, just as circumstantial evidence is not solid enough to win a court case, it is certainly not enough to win in the trials of life. It is important not to allow the disappointments of your past to cause you to compromise or give up on the potential of your future.

2016 was a lot about trusting God to rain on the seeds of love and prayers I planted. I am learning and have learned, nothing I have done is in vain, even if it did not yield an immediate result. I always see results eventually if I simply remain consistent. Patience, faith and trust are key to achieving results. The problem I have is I always want to see how things will happen. I always think if I knew a bit more or had a bit more assurance I would be successful, I would be able to leap into the unknown, but that is counterintuitive to faith.

Faith assures us of things we expect and convinces us of the existence of things we cannot see.

Hebrews 11:1

Seeing isn’t believing, believing is seeing. My life is riddled of examples where I had no choice but to take a risk and then way was made clear. But I couldn’t see where to go, until I had the courage to take the first step. I have often felt like Abraham in my life, called to go somewhere with nothing but the promise God would meet me along the journey. I found peace and freedom in trusting Him to walk with me. I have survived and overcome more than I could’ve imagined possible in my life. I’m sure you have too. Why would I ever choose to doubt, when the breath in my lungs is proof of his love?

This year I challenge you to take a chance on yourself to pursue what you’ve always dreamed you’d be. I promise God will honor your boldness!  Contrary to the failure you may have experienced, you were born for greatness! Live life convinced of this and watch the world you’ve dreamed of manifest before your very eyes. The biggest redwood trees come from small seeds. Take the time to behold the wonder in your journey and give the garden of your heart the time to grow. The courageous life is not merely one full of only gross moments and monumental feats, but is fashioned in the small moments of choosing to lean into faith when fear fights to knock you off course. It’s trusting that even though you don’t yet see fruit, something is happening under the ground. Be brave! Be bold! Be tenacious! Be free! Be You!!
Merry Christmas to you! May God’s Blessings cover you always!


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