FEATURE: The Same Place

July 3rd, 2018 / Stephane

By Dorcas Payne

You take a seat, head in hand and frustrated. And then déjà vu hits you all at once and through the overwhelming tiredness you begin to replay and kick yourself over all the missed signs and warning signals that flashed before your eyes as you came up to this familiar pitstop – the Same Place.

We know full well that life has its cyclical moments and there is nothing worse then going through the same struggle. It may be dressed in a different suit or appear in summer shades rather than a winter jacket, but one thing you are sure of is the fact that this spot is The Same. It evokes the same emotion, the same frustration and loss of hope that it did the last time you were here.

We can often recognise the cycles in particular areas of our life and there tends to be an overarching theme – it is important that we identify this common denominator and the area that we tend to experience this struggle. We must take on a distinct perspective and look at our position objectively; not from a place of being a victim but rather from the place of a conscious student and an advocate of freedom. So, whether we are battling destructive relationships, poor financial management or backward momentum in our work or passion projects; let’s start looking at practical ways we can bring about a change to this familiar place.

Recognising The Pattern

This is where I think keeping a journal really becomes helpful. It is important for us to identify patterns, we are humans so will always have areas of weaknesses – which is fine because this is where God shows Himself strong. But we can only defend ourselves as well as we know our weaker areas prone to potential attack. I would advise you get in the habit of making a note of the recurring events – the emotions you feel, the sequence of events and the common facts and signals.

Identifying The Origin

We are supernatural-beings, so it is important that we don’t fall into the habit of taking everything for surface value. After you recognise the pattern, it is time to dig a little deeper. You coming out of this is so important to Father and He is forever patient as you go through the process so involve Him – ask Him the big why’s and what’s. Start pulling apart the relationship you have with certain things in your life like money and dream chasing or relationships and self-esteem. How involved have we allowed God to be in these areas? It is also sometimes helpful to talk through this with someone you trust as unpackaging our mental thoughts can often be a complicated and painful process.

Freedom Fighting

You must see the cycle as a prison that is keeping you from living your best life and you need to make it your mission to break out of the cycle by any means necessary. It is going to take more than deleting/blocking numbers from phones or adhoc morning affirmation mantras. This is a fight for your life, so I wouldn’t want you to underestimate the warfare that accompanies your breakthrough. It will require intense prayer, getting emerged in the Word and even getting external or professional support. Attitudes are difficult to change but addressing the origin can create more of a lasting impact. Couple this with new healthy habits and I’m sure you will see Freedom on the next corner. The most important thing is that you don’t stay seated or lose hope in that Same Place.

This time round let’s make sure that we make it the last time we pass this way again. Stay encouraged in knowing that God has not given up on you and the frustration or embarrassment you feel for being in the Same Place twice or even five times is not what God feels. He is excited to walk you out of the cycle because there is so much more good in life He wants to show you but that is only possible if we wipe the sleep from our eyes and initiate a break in the cycle, don’t get comfortable in that Same Place because it is about to become very different!

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