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Bringing the Outdoors Into Your Home

January 2nd, 2018 / Stephane

Giving your home and natural and earthy feel is calming and good for the soul. Bringing elements of the outdoors into your living area is a great way of achieving a warm and relaxing environment. Along with floor and wall coverings, this season is all about bringing elements usually associated with gardens into the house. This can be anything from beautiful green house plants, to installing a tranquil indoor fountain. It may be too cold to spend much time in the garden during the winter months, so let’s bring the garden into the warm with us.

Calming Indoor Fountains

Indoor fountains don’t have to be in the middle of the room, for them to be a central feature of your interior design. A soothing wall fountain takes up very little space and brings a relaxing feeling of calm. The gentle sound of the rippling water is reminiscent of a woodland stream moving over pebbles and moss. It makes a great soundtrack for some morning meditation and yoga. And at the end of the evening, the gentle sounds can drift you off to sleep.

Bold planting choices

A little houseplant can be lovely, but bringing a tree into your home is a real statement piece. There are many different types of trees that are suited well to indoor living. They also help to make the air fresh in your room, as they process carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. A Yucca is a good choice for a living room or kitchen, plus it takes very little maintenance. The Fiddle Leaf Fig and Bamboo are very popular indoor trees as they thrive on little humidity. It will happily sit in any sunny window, acting too as a natural curtain. Rubber plants are a real statement tree and are hardy, meaning that even if you aren’t particularly green-fingered, they’re easy to keep. You will need to dust the leaves occasionally though.

Beautiful textured rugs

When you’re picking a rug in your living area, making a natural fabric choice is a great way of bringing the outdoors into your home. Look for weaved rattan, it is both practical and hard-wearing. If you are looking for carpet, choosing a soft chenille in a grass green can make your home feel really summery. It will instantly remind you of treading barefoot over a beautiful, fresh lawn.


Taking inspiration from the garden when choosing your interior decor, can give your home a relaxed and calm feel. Natural materials are timeless and classic and are perfect for winter. 

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