ALBUM REVIEW: Rend Collective, The Art of Celebration

February 11th, 2014 / Stephane

We may only be one month into the year but I think I’ve found my soundtrack for 2014 thanks to Rend Collective. Staying true to their innovative reputation this eclectic collection of folk inspired music really does open up your perspective on celebration, praise and worship. We’ve often associated celebration as something that only happens after we receive or accomplish something, and although there are many of those occasions to come songs like ‘All that I Am’ and ‘Finally Free’ are a reminder that even if all is stripped away celebration should still be our mindset simply based on our glorious salvation and the fact that He loves us so deeply. There is always something to celebrate and making this a lifestyle is definitely an art form.


I am totally in love with Rend Collective’s passion, it really is contagious. Whilst being squashed and pushed during rush hour on a packed London underground train amidst a tube strike, I found myself smiling and chanting along to ‘Create In Me’ so convinced that God was not finished with me yet and the fact that He is still in the process of creating something beautiful.


The Art of Celebration album takes the listener on a beautiful journey and the tone and vibrancy of each song ushers us in to be partakers in this festival of celebration. Even if you’re not much of a dancer you can get to foot-stomping or thigh-slapping to the likes of ‘Joy’ and ‘My Lighthouse’. It is a great addition to your praise collection and it couldn’t be more fitting for this modern generation who can sometimes overlook the power in appreciation. It’s a call to go beyond our needs or wants and simple see God as being Sovereign whilst asking for Him to light a fire in our hearts – ‘Burn Like A Star’.

Don’t wait for something to happen because it already did on The Cross thousands of years ago so celebrate now. There’s an old saying that says “start as you mean to go on…” so I don’t know about you but I plan on starting my celebrating now. Faith has encouraged me to perfect this artform and Rend Collective have definitely caught the revelation of the importance of this. So press play and get to practising because I’m sure there would be many occasions to put it into practise this year.  Through your celebration comes elevation because we are ‘More Than Conquerors’!

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Rend Collective’s BRAND NEW SINGLE My Lighthouse is out on pre-order from 17th Feb 2014.
Available in three different formats (Studio, Live, Acoustic), the track was already a smash hit at this year’s Soul Survivor event and is looking to take 2014 by storm.


The single is currently available to pre-order on iTunes UK. 

By Dorcas Kissi

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