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Reusable is best: SO KEEPCUP

April 11th, 2018 / Stephane

Ethical brand KeepCup making a difference one cuppa at a time

Calling all brew lovers! We are championing and loving ethical brand KeepCup. On a mission to encourage the use of reusable cups, they make products that are fit for purpose in the context of a positive global campaign that strives to make a difference to how we think about convenience culture.


To see cafes lift reuse rates to 40% reusables in the “to go” environment.  Implicit in this objective is the knowledge that brand in hand is the most effective way to drive reuse behaviour.

“The KeepCup has been a labour of love so we are just thrilled that people have adopted and used the KeepCup and spread the word right around the world. Well done everyone!”

KeepCup is also less plastic. Disposable cups are lined with polyethylene and have a polystyrene lid, so there is enough plastic in 28 disposable cups to make one small KeepCup. Since June 2009 they have sold over eight million KeepCups, users have diverted billions of disposable cups from landfill. In this time approximately 5 trillion disposable cups have been made and discarded to landfill.

KeepCup is now sold in 65 countries around the world and we are totally on board with their mission. They believe and push the mindset that many small acts will make a phenomenal difference.

Pictured below is the Press Cup in8oz (small) which retails at £19.00. Made from fully tempered soda lime glass, the KeepCup Brew Cork Edition features a natural cork band. Made in Portugal using waste product from the wine cork manufacture, the band is beautiful to hold. Over time it’s patina will tell the story of your use. They recommend that you do not remove the band, even for washing. Hand wash and let the band dry on the glass.

Design your own KeepCup colour combination and make your KeepCup unique.

– For best results hand wash only.
– Lid off can be heated to 100°C/ 212°F degrees.
– Made from toughened soda lime glass – not unbreakable, but surprisingly durable.
Replacement parts available.

Press comes with a cork band, soft Charcoal lid (pantone Black 7c) and latte plug (pantone 7528c).

Due to the variation in the circumference of the blown glass, your lid is hand fitted to the glass and may not be compatible with other lids.

So what you waiting for tea & coffee drinkers? Let’s get behind this amazing brand and save the planet one cup at a time!

Visit uk.keepcup.com/series

Images by Ellie Edkins

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