February 7th, 2016 / Stephane

So off I was to the Southside of London to complete my mission – Assignment: Most Important Meal of the Day! 

Venturing through one of the oldest and most culture rich parts of London. OXBO Bankside was indeed the target. It promises to deliver a contrast of authentic ingredients with exotic tastes. Think old English favourites with an innovative twist. At first glance I fell in love with the rustic interior.


Already captivated by Chef Paul Bates promise to deliver food that gently stimulated the senses with a delicious combination of authentic ingredients and exotic influences around the world, I was ready to sample everything on the “All You Can Eat Breakfast Buffet”.

As it was a buffet, I certainly did not shy away from anything! The entire table was filled with an array of flavours & textures. From smoked salmon garnished with dill, poached eggs, hummus cheese, salami and a feta to sun-dried tomato salad.


The smoked salmon was so fresh and had a light smoked flavor with a beautiful melt in your mouth texture. To compliment this were the poached eggs made to perfection with a nice runny yolk. The hummus was a fine paste with a sprinkle of smoked paprika which complimented the good quality chickpeas used.

The feta cheese, sun-dried tomato and nut salad I complied on my plate was absolutely lush. The smoky mild sundried tomato with the thyme infused feta cheese balanced with yellow tomatoes and pecan nuts made a beautiful pallet of flavour.

Screen Shot 2016-02-07 at 23.10.52

We had some light custard pastries an array of freshly baked seedy loaves to accompany this light breakfast feast, however my absolute favourite, was the banana bread. It had such a beautiful light nutty texture with just the right amount of sweetness, this took me on a nostalgic trip to my early teens reminding me of the banana bread my mother would make for breakfast on a warm Saturday morning. I cannot emphasise how much the banana bread complimented the food and brought together the flavours to deliver a truly exceptional breakfast dining experience.

I didn’t stop here, after a much needed break and letting the food digest as well as many hazelnut hot chocolates & Americanos I decided to go for round two – the desert!


I helped myself to the fruit salad, which was a good mixture of sweet and sour, made up of pink and white grapefruit, sweet clementine’s and honeydew melon, a bowl of nuts & strawberry and custard pastry. But all of these could not compare to the fresh waffles made right before my very eyes which came with 3 condiments – maple syrup, a mixed berry reduction & chocolate sauce.

YES you guessed it the holy grail was the chocolate sauce. This chocolate sauce was beautiful & tasted the same as a Gü Melting Pots for all chocolate connoisseurs wondering and wanting an idea of this chocolaty goodness. It was the best of all their desert options on the buffet. The light waffle & chocolate sauce is my top recommendation.


Overall dining experience verdict. Restaurant atmosphere was vibrant, staff were friendly and helpful. OXBO truly did not fail to deliver. Chef Paul Bates’ carefully picked dishes & spices from different parts of the world truly make an exceptional continental breakfast buffet. Until next time: Mission Completed- “most important meal of the day”! SUCCESS!

By Genius Mashiri

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