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How to Turn Your Bedroom into an Oasis of Sleep

January 8th, 2019 / Stephane

Do you struggle to fall asleep? You’re not alone. Around 68% of Americans report that they have trouble sleeping at least once per week. Fortunately, the number is slowly dropping. As we learn more about what causes our insomnia, we can find ways to prevent these often simple problems and finally get some shut-eye.

Much of what causes sleeping problems can be found in the bedroom. Everything from what you do before bed to the lighting and noise levels in your room at night has an effect on the time it takes for you to fall asleep. By going through the factors and eliminating any potential causes, you can narrow down the reason why you’re struggling and eliminate it.


We all know how difficult it is to fall asleep when there’s a constant noise polluting our ears, whether it’s the neighbor’s dog, the television downstairs, or the snoring of your significant other. But what can one do to cut out these noises when they’re out of your control?

A simple solution would be to pick up a pair of good earplugs. Alternatively, consider purchasing a white noise machinethat will help drown out any surrounding sounds. If your partner is to blame, try gently moving them so that they’re not lying on their back and their pillow is positioned correctly.


When your brain detects light, it delays the release of sleep-inducing melatonin. Instead, your body remains warm and releases cortisol, which keeps you awake. Turn off any and all electronics and ditch the television, laptop and smartphone for at least an hour before bed. Blackout curtains are also a great idea.

Quality Sleep Requires a Quality Bed

There’s a lot more to bedding than simply being soft. For example, opting for a moisture-wicking fabric will keep your body cool and free from sweat. Smoother, silkier fabrics will feel better and prevent skin irritation. If allergies are an issue, consider an allergen-proof set of pillow covers.

When it comes to where you sleep, picking up the best mattress is always a wise investment. After all, you spend more time on it than any other piece of furniture in your home. Check out mattressnerd.com’s best mattress guidefor some useful information.


If you’re one to use your electronics at night, be sure to utilize the blue light filter. It’s become a standard feature on most devices recently, and for good reason. Your body isn’t used to seeing blue light at night, which is why screens can damage your circadian rhythm and keep you up.

It’s also worth mentioning that checking emails and scrolling through news or social media before bed can be harmful as it evokes negative feelings. Instead, read an enjoyable book or do some journaling. This way you can put your head on your pillow with a clear and positive mindset.

Once you’ve gone through and understood these factors, it should be much easier to figure out what your sleeping problems stem from. Before you know it, you’ll be sleeping like a baby. Well, hopefully better than one.