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May 26th, 2020 / Stephane

When the Kinfill collection arrived and I opened it up. I was really impressed with how the products were displayed within the box whilst also securely protecting the glass bottles. The deep green interior of the box gives earthy vibes and the beautiful branding which indicated to me kinfill’s high quality. I couldn’t wait to unbox and try the products out. Being a lover of typeface, font and minimalist artwork, Kinfill’s branding ticked all the boxes for me.  

Kinfill is the first sustainable, Dutch homecare brand that offers cleaning products in concentrates.

Cleaning should not harm our planet. That is why Rotterdam based entrepreneur Reda Jouahri, as the first in The Netherlands launched a homecare brand without packaged water, single-use plastic or added chemicals and palm oil. Instead the products are vegan, not tested on animals and 100% biodegradable.

Kinfill has a full house collection which is essentially the full range of products to cover cleaning your entire home. The full house collection comes with four reusable glass bottles ‘the forever bottle’ and four vials with the cleaning concentrates. Three out of the four bottles come with a spray nozzle for ease of distribution just like your usual single use products. Kinfill pride themselves on being sustainable and not harmful to the planet. Kinfill’s packaging is affiliated with the zero packaging label which means that the emission from the cardboard is compensated by planting trees which is a massive thumbs up from Mother Nature. 

The four vials of the cleaning concentrate are tub & tile, multi-surface, floor cleaner and glass & mirror. Each of these can be tailored to the scent you prefer; cucumis, lavender, naranja no5 and pine husk. We loved how natural and not overbearing the concentrated smell. The concentrates provided are 10ml and are to be decanted into the forever bottles and all you have to do is add cold water up to the neck of the bottle which makes a consistent mixture each time. Once the concentrate and water have been combined, gently shake the forever bottle and they are ready to use. So simple and they look so elegant on your surface almost like a vase or an ornament. The forever bottles tough glass also fills you with the confidence that you won’t break them when you are cleaning. 

Each forever bottle comes with a different colour rubberised ring on the bottom to protect your surface and so they are easily distinguishable against the other bottles. Kinfill also supplies some handy labels to remind you of which each one is just in case you forget. 

Most other cleaning products are 90% water and come in single use packaging. With Kinfill, once you purchase a forever bottle all you have to do is purchase the concentrate which comes in a glass vial and add water at home. 

So what are you waiting for! Get investing in some sustainable cleaning products which in the long run will not only save you some coins, but will save our planet

Products and pricing

The Starter Kit €24.95 — one Forever Bottle and one cleaning concentrate of choice

Refill Extracts €24.95 — four concentrates containing multi surface, floor, glass & mirror and tub & tile cleaner.

Full House collection €59.95 — four Forever Bottles plus four concentrates containing multi surface, floor, glass & mirror and tub & tile cleaner.

One clean year €149.00 — receive the Full House Collection and Kinfill restocks you with Refill Extracts every eight weeks for a year.

Climate change is really important more now than ever. Kinfill is definitely doing their part to make sure they are sustainable and caring to the environment which is decreasing the amount of single use plastics. 

Visit the Kinfill website for more information and to get in on this sustainable brand! https://kinfill.com 

Written by Safiya Rand

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