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December 20th, 2013 / Stephane

Who doesn’t love a good cuppa? This time of the year we love to drink tea in the abundance, so we ventured out to find the perfect hot spot for you and your loved ones this festive season. Based in the heart of Marylebone, Amanzi Tea are setting a new standard for the modern-day tea house.


Just think about The Willy Wonka experience, but this time with tea. With a vast range of teas to meet your every need you have an endless choice from around the world to satisfy you. With an interactive tea wall, upon arrival you will be greeted by an amazing showcase wall of 40 varieties of Amanzi’s teas, all sourced and manufactured in house with over 150 proprietary blends of premium loose-leaf tea.  If your thinking you’d get lost in the midst of it all, be assured that visitors can explore and engage with the product through touch and smell so don’t panic. What’s even more reassuring is that to aid your choice there are rigorously trained baristas who offer their expertise on every aspect of tea, from flavours, history, caffeine levels and even health benefits. Hands down Yes, stella customer experience and they will even make you a sample before you commit to buying.


So off we were to embark on the ultimate tea experience. First up it’s the White Teas. White tea is a lightly oxidised tea grown and harvested primarily in China. Now many of us love a good White Tea to clear out our system, especially if you are health conscious and like a tea that will help you detox. Ginger Peach and Silver Needle are also part of this family. Our favourite hails all the way from China, Amanzi’s Acai Berry Tea. This loose leaf white tea blend features “super food” acai mixed delicately with exotic, flavourful berries to create a deliciously flavourful blend packed with antioxidants. Its low in caffeine and helps to slow down natural ageing (winner already right!). It also helps in relieving stress and can be served hot or iced! Acai Berry retails at £9.99 for a tin of loose-leaf tea, £8.99 for loose-leaf tea bags.


(Pictured above ‘Ginger Peach’  from the White Tea family. This retails at £9.99 for a tin of loose-leaf tea, £8.99 for loose-leaf tea bags)


Next up it’s the Green Tea family. Most of us are familiar with green tea’s, they tend to have undergone minimal oxidation during processing and are produced mainly in China and Japan. On the Amanzi Green Tea Hit List we fell in love with the Jasmine Pearl made only in China, each pearl is handmade. Infused in fragrant jasmine flowers, Jasmine Pearl is a light jasmine green tea and one of our most precious tea treasures. Two leaves and a bud are carefully plucked by hand from the tea plant and are then hand-rolled by skilled artisans, in to its small pearl shape, which gently unfurls as it infuses. It has a sweet taste and is a great energy booster and also assists in removing toxins. Coming in at a close second was the Gyokuro grown in a unique way under bamboo leaves in Japan. This retails at £39.99 leaf tea and bags £24.99 bags.


(Pictured Above: Jasmine Pearl Retails at £15.99 for a tin of loose-leaf tea, £12.99 for loose-leaf tea bags)


(Pictured above: Sencha Wakame is great as a source of natural energy. It has seeweed for iodine – it’s also great after a gym workout – Retails at £9.99)

Amanzi Tea

( Pictured above:Lapsang Souchong is smoked over pinewood. It is said to protect against heart disease and also has an interesting Chinese myth about how it came into existence. It is said that centuries ago as the Chinese travelled with the tea on the sea, there was a fire and they had no choice but to drink the tea burnt.)


Next Up it’s Black tea: Ceylon Tea is for you if you like a traditional cup of tea. English breakfast also known as a builders brew because it’s a strong brew are all part of the black tea family. Amanzi source their English Breakfast leaves from selected highland plantations in Kenya, China and India. They are broken leaves so give more flavour. It’s famous for lowing blood pressure and an alternative to coffee.


(Pictured Above: English Breakfast, Retails at £7.99 for a tin of loose-leaf tea, £6.99 for loose-leaf tea bags)

Oolong Tea is not grey or black, but it’s in the middle. Grown only in Taiwan and China. It’s good for aiding in digestion. Part of the oolong tea family is Zesty Lemongrass, an alternative to traditional Earl Grey with less caffeine.


This was hands down a personal fav for me! Cinnamon Spice blended with ground cinnamon so needs no sugar as it has 3 types of cinnamon in it. It was just the perfect blend and highly recommended if you have somewhat of a sweet tooth. Sold at £9.99 for a tin of loose-leaf tea, £8.99 for loose-leaf tea bags.

Traditional Red Tea but is classed in the black category. Puerh – has a fish tang to it and can add milk to it and is certainly an acquired taste. Aiding in weight loss by cleansing the body after having a meal. Victoria Beckham has said she drinks this tea to keep her figure. Sold at £9.99 for loose leaves.


Beneficial selection of teas are made to aid you. Sleep, Detox, Digestion, Daybreak, Energy. DayBreak was perfection for me. With it’s unique Mate and Black tea blend with creamy caramel notes. Lush at 100!!! It’s said to give the stimulating boost of coffee, but the benefits of tea.

Amanzi Tea also offer an amazing bespoke behind the bar experience. Creating exciting tea concoctions just for you. Everything from Bubble Tea to London’s finest Chai Lattes (when I say finest, I mean finest). Coming in at a 5* ranking is the Spicy Chai Latte! It hands down puts Starbucks to the test and instantly converted me.

 During the festive season another behind the bar treat is the Fresh Honey Lemon Ginger! A blend of fresh lemon, ginger and honey this bad boy comes in highly recommend. This tea is was absolutely epic! Like amazing epic. Fireworks in your mouth epic! I think you get it, I loved it! It’s also great for cold prevention.



Amanzi are all about creating the 5* tea experience for their customers. From their highly skilled team to the ambience when you walk in. One thing I took away from Amazni is the skill to making a good tea is in the brew and temperature of the water. So each tea comes with the set brewing time and even the temperature the water should be at when boiling it at home. It gets better! Amanzi have their very own branded Tea Maker, so you can create the same experience in the comfort of your own home. (The perfect gift this Christmas for your tea lovers).


(Pictured Above: Amanzi Tea Maker, retailing at only £19.99. Easy to use and the perfect gift for a loved one this Christmas)

Overall it was an amazing experience from start to finish. One thing I love is great customer service and here you will be looked after. Their is such a chilled vibe and with free wifi you can also find yourself downstairs working away from the office or the perfect spot to get in some extra study and recision. So coming in at number 2 on our festive hot spots list. Amanzi Tea is the place to be this Christmas. Spread the word, get involved, love tea, love Amazni.

Amanzi Tea London UK

Visit their store at 24 New Cavendish Street, W1G 8TX London, United Kingdom or call 020 7935 5510 for more information.

@AmanziTeaLondon Website:

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