August 25th, 2014 / Stephane

They come in different shapes, sizes and slightly differ in color, however they all have the same function and potential: as either a tool to upbuild or a weapon of mass destruction. This object is in everyone’s possession and it is our choice which setting we decide to operate from. Our LIPS are extremely important and so often we choose to use them as an instrument to destroy others- through GOSSIP. We’ve all heard, been guilty of and been the subject of this dangerous pastime and it’s presence in the church has sadly made many turn away from the faith all together. In a world constantly fixated on the hottest and the latest buzz, how do we remain Christlike and refrain from gossip?

What’s the Big Deal?


Proverbs 18:21 – Death and life are in the power of the tongue…

Words are not “just words”and moving to a foreign country and learning another language taught me that. We have lost an appreciation for the power of our words. The lips of God caused everything that we know to come to be. We posses the power to co-labor with God calling things to be. Our words can create worlds. Are your words creating a positive atmosphere in your surroundings or are you sending out whispers of negativity creating a cloudy environment of discord and strife?

I’m not gossiping, I’m venting!!!


We have all needed to let steam off at sometime or another, and there is nothing wrong with expressing your feelings. Expressing your feelings and seeking a solution for a problem, with a friend is totally different than telling everyone you know about what may or may not have happened in a conflict between you and another person. A good litmus test to see if you’re gossiping or venting is to ask yourself these questions:

1. Are you earnestly looking for a solution to a problem, or just a chance to be proven right?

2. Could you talk to the person directly involved with the situation? Do you plan on doing so?

3. Are you seeking to get information to start a prayer or gossip chain?

He said…She said… What did they really Say?


We’ve all played the game telephone and know that the truth of a message often diminishes as the story travels from one person to another.This is the greatest danger concerning gossip because a world of falsehoods are created and people’s reputations are damaged after the fact. Imagine what peace and understanding could be released into your life if you sincerely and humbly prayed for the person and your situation.

Jesus said in Mark 7:20 ‘It’s what comes out of a person that makes him unclean.’


What are you allowing to come out of you? It if is not going to bear any positive result then maybe it’s best you keep your LIPS SEALED.

 Love and Light,


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