FEATURE: 5 Ways to Spread a lil’ Daily Love

April 30th, 2016 / Stephane

We live in a world that moves fast, searches for easy and wants now. It can easily become a breeding ground for entitlement, passivity and unkindness so it isn’t a wonder we often find ourselves lacking patience and compassion with one another. But there are still the few intentionally pursuing consideration for others. They compel me to do better, to be kinder and pay it forward. Isn’t that why we’re all here anyway, to love on one another? And so inspired by true acts of kindness myself, here are five ideas to spread love in five various relationships of your life.

1. Consumer 


While at a restaurant or supermarket, ask your server/cashier their name and use it when thanking them for the food/help. I worked at a grocery store for a year and the few people that looked me in the eye and used my name when requesting a need made a profound difference in my day. It’s one small but simple way to show you care about someone you helping you. Name badges exist for a reason.

2. Family


Up until last year, I lived far from family and every so often, on just an ordinary day, I would receive a care package from my mom with some of my favorite things or a card with drawings from my niece just because. Mail has become rare for most of us making it feel like a small luxury in our modern society and we need to resurrect the thank you card. Snail mail for the win!

3. Roommates

Bridgette Bassa
A few years back when living with a former flat-mate, I woke up to the smell of chocolate chip pancakes prepared for my consumption. If you share a place with someone (roommate or spouse) make them dinner, do their dishes or take their share of the cleaning that week. Surprise your housemate no questions asked. Roommate love is real.

4. Work

Each of us either currently works with someone or has worked with someone whether as an employee or employer. One of the most thoughtful gifts I received at work happened after a co-worker and I stayed late to fix the flooded dishwasher at our office. Our employer left watching us dumping buckets of dirty water and when we came in the next morning, there were cards on our desk with gift certificates to the spa. I will definitely work for spa certificates.

5. Anonymous  

Photo Credit: Joshua Brathwaite

While listening to the radio, one of the stations had a ‘kindness challenge’ asking everyone listening to do random acts of kindness for people they didn’t know. There were stories of others paying it forward at drive-throughs, leaving bills taped to gas pumps or groceries outside a neighbor’s door. The coffee spot I frequent seems to have a similar passion. There’s a ‘pay-it-forward’ board where you buy coffee for those less fortunate. Random acts of kindness are like tiny surprise parties and who doesn’t enjoy one of those? So, party on Wayne and Garth.

By Bridgette Bassa

Photo Credit: Joshua Brathwaite


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