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TOP TEN MUST HAVE’S OF 2016 |10 – 6

February 10th, 2016 / Stephane

Well Hello February! For many of you New Years resolutions may be taking a left turn or you may very well be right on track! Either way we’ve put together our Top Ten Must Haves for 2016 to give you a helping hand as the year goes on. From beauty to tech, we’ve got you covered!

10. The Lip Slip® By Sara Happ

sara happ

A new year, full of smiles and joy – that’s the attitude right! Well it only makes sense to make sure you have your Lip Slip right on deck! Sara Happ specialises in lip care products. Everything from lip scrubs, slips to lip colour. In the winter months our lips need that extra hydration and the Sara Happ Lip Slip offers just that!  The packaging is absolutely divine and feels like lip Christmas in a box! The Lip Slip comes compact with no drying ingredients and for the best results wear your Lip Slip overnight. So you’ll be kickstarting everyday with plump, chap free and hydrated lips! All the more reason to keep smiling this 2016!

One Luxe Balm is $24 in the US and available in the UK at for £19.99 at Beauty Bay

9. Up2 Jawbone 


How you getting on with those fitness New Year resolutions? Well if you’re slacking it’s not too late to pick up the pace and get the fitness ball rolling. Looking after ourselves from the inside out allows us to be so much more affective in our day to day activities. The UP2 Jawbone is a fitness tracker and for me has been a great tool these last few weeks as I kick start my ‘Get Fit’ lifestyle.

The UP2 sensors capture how you move, sleep as well as connecting to most of the fitness/ sleep monitoring apps and devices you may already be using. One of the great perks of the band is it is long lasting. I went 2 weeks without having to charge mine. The Jawbone Marketplace offers you the chance to see all the other products and apps its compatible with too.

You can purchase your Up2 band online for just £89.99 It’s a solid investment for your kickstart to a healthier and happier you this 2016!

8. Molami Plica Headphones

Molami Plica Headphones

Sleek, simple and cool – oh and did I mention it comes in white. Music makes the world a happier place? Wouldn’t you agree? So why not invest in both fashion forward and good quality headphones with the new Molami Headphone range. Priced at just £80 they come in black also.

7. Andrew Barton Hair Dryer


There’s a running theme for all our favourite products this year! So after a long work out at the gym, a good run with your fashion forward headphones -you may just want to wash your hair! We love the Andrew Barton hair collection as a whole. Compact and complete with a vast range of accessories and appliances. You’ll find yourself happy with long last results.

The Andrew Barton Radiant Dry Argan Infused has my hair dry within 20 mins. If like me you have thick hair, blowdrying is never a fun exercise. So it’s always great when you have a hair drying appliance that does all the work! Retailing at just £54.99 at Argos. It’s a great hairdryer for all hair textures including thick afro natural to straight and big curly locks.

6. Brita Fill & Go Filter

Growing up Brita was always part of the family. If you were the last to drink the freshly filtered water, you’d best be sure to top it right up again! So I was ecstatic to discover the Brita Fill & Go Filter – complete and compact just for me. It offers you the convenience of being on the go with freshly topped up filtered water. You are recommended to change the filter once a week and the start up pack comes with a months supply of filter discs. I did find it personally challenging to use the straw, but once I removed it, my filter and I have not parted ways. The bottles come in four colours, green, pink, blue and grey and retail between £9 -£14.99 at selected UK stores. Both efficient and practical. I’m saving money in the long run and getting clean filtered water along the way. It’s a must have for 2016! So what you waiting for, start filtering on the go!!!

 So there you have it! Be sure to check back to see what else we’ve got up our sleeves for 2016!

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