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November 7th, 2014 / Stephane

Finding a good Afro hair stylist, let alone a salon is a myth for many of us. So I was delighted to have discovered I Love Lulu Hair Spa; set in the heart of Los Angeles on Le Brea Avenue.

If like me you are new on your afro hair journey, you’ll be delighted to learn of this salon and even more excited to know that Founder, Lulu will be answering your questions in 2015 about your tresses here on Milk & Honey.


Now many of us are figuring out what works best for our hair, home experiments and trailing through Youtube videos trying as many forms of Caster, Argan, Tea Tree and Coconut oils as we can get through. So it’s refreshing to find a salon specifically tailored to natural hair and further more know whats’ what!


From the offset you can see everything this salon embodies is about healthy life choices; healthy hair, organic products and educated stylists. The salon by far has the most innovative interior design I’ve ever encountered – I felt like I was at a hair theme park! From their edgy steamers, a mini lab for organic hair products to the full body basins; everything about this place screams right at you, “We care about your hair”.

Upon arrival you fill in a consultation form asking a series of questions about your hair. You’ll navigate though your hairs condition with a stylist and figure out what is best needed for your hair. Remember everyones hair, texture and journey is different, and the I Love Lulu team take this into account during your consultation process.


Spoiled Treatment (Pictured Above)

So first up I got Spoiled, a treatment that includes organic oils infused with 7 herbs. The treatment was applied with a little tube all over my scalp! Which makes sense as it gets all the necessary spots. I was taken over to the steamer where the treatment was set to kick in. I was here for thirty mins.


30 minutes were up and it was time to wash out the treatment on these uber cool booths, similar to caterpillars its literally like lying down and getting your hair washed. Got me feeling like a big kid at a hair theme park!

After two washes my stylist used a shampoo brush to go through any areas left over and it was onto the next phase!


Next up it was time to blow dry and then get my first and much needed trim – what they call a Snip Snip costing  just $25! Yikes! I actually did THE BIG CHOP back in February 2013 to a number 2 – Lupita style, so this would be the first time my hair would be cut professionally and also the first time I’d see the length. I couldn’t wait!

It’s always refreshing when you’re in a salon where you feel that you can entirely trust the stylist with your hair! I for one am indeed a salon snob – so love feeling like I’m getting 5* treatment from start to finish! I like to think I know my stuff and if visiting somewhere for the first time often come kitted out with my own products and combs just in case!

None the less, none of that was needed here. My hair was straightened by Lulu herself (Straight aHead Service) and pictured below is the finish.

I honestly loved my entire experience at the I Love Lulu Hair Spa. The prices are so reasonable , and for the service you’re getting and you can leave resting assured you won’t have any bald patches, scabs from a straighter burns or even heat damage.


A 5* star experience all round! We are even more delighted to have Lulu contributing on the team and answering all your questions about good healthy afro hair! Watch this space!

Visit now to see I Love Lulu extensive list of services at their best!

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