Milk Bottle Series: 5 Products to try if you’re Preggos

August 4th, 2016 / Stephane

Pregnancy is a time where you realise more than ever that you are not always in control of what’s happening in and to your body. Whilst you may not be able to control every eventuality thrown your way (and that’s totes fine), there is no reason why you can’t at least stay fly during your pregnancy and beyond. As such, we have selected five products that we think you should give a whirl if you are expecting:

  1. Boody Bamboo Ecowear Scoop Top ($29.95): Even though you are growing more round than you may ever have imagined, it is great to have a top that you can put on that not only gives you a sleek silhouette, but also nicely accentuates your bump. What’s even better about this top is that it almost completely organic and is made from hypoallergenic materials and bamboo fibres. This makes it totally kind to your skin and also means that it is highly breathable and will help you keep cool over the summer months.

boody-scoop top

  1. What is more, when it is paired with the Boody Bamboo Ecowear Shaper Crop Bra ($16.95), you are living the dream, as this bra is super comfortable and gently protects your growing milk jugs.

    Boody Shaper Bra

  1. If you are looking for a bra that will help you cross over from pregnancy to nursing, we’d highly recommend Bravado’s Bliss Nursing Bra (£34), which gives you a nice shape and great support whilst engaging in your day-to-day activities.

Bliss Bravado Bra

  1. The Belly Bandit Preggo Support Tank –  £59.95 is a true gem. It helps to keep stretch marks at bay by making sure your moisturiser stays on your skin and not on the top — so all you need to do is pop on your stretch mark prevention cream of choice, whip on your support tank and you’re good to go.

Preggo Support Tank

  1. As well as having clothes and underwear to keep you looking good, we couldn’t help but recommend a product that will help you feel good on the inside. Udo’s Choice Ultimate Oil Blend (£12.49 for 250ml) is full of good, fatty oils such as flax seed, coconut, sunflower seed and sesame seed oil. You can add it to your favourite dish or salad dressings and smoothies. Whilst many pregnant women find that their hair and skin looks its best (particularly in the second trimester) it is worth keeping this oil blend in your diet — so that even once the baby is born, your hair, nails and skin can continue looking on point.


Written by Kazstarlet (@kazstarlet)

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