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WE LOVE Design House Stockholm x KNOT CUSHION

August 1st, 2016 / Stephane

We are always excited about new and innovative inventions, so we were stoked to check out this rather soft and muddled up Knot Cushion!

Design House Stockholm alongside designer Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir present a unique and most creative take on cushions, and it’s all rather extraordinary.

The story starts off with designer Ragnheiður experimenting with tubular knitting on a machine some five years ago. Whilst looking for an efficient way of manufacturing
the legs of a teddy bear and exploring alternative sewing techniques she ended up with a knot-like cushion known today as the Knot Cushion! We at Milk & Honey are absolutely in love with the pastel pink cushion and it’s designer!

We caught up with the creator of the Knot Cushion, Ragnheiður Ösp Sigurðardóttir – here’s what she had to say!


1. Firstly congratulations on your Knot Cushion collection! What were some of the challenges you encountered in getting it to market and how did you overcome them?

Thank you! The biggest challenge was without at doubt the production. Since the production technique for the cushions is quite unusual and tricky, it was very complicated to find someone that was willing to take on this project. I searched for four years and produced all the cushions myself – with the help of my best friend – in the meantime. 

For the first few years we stuffed the long tubes by hand, which took to long, not including the tying and sewing.

Then about three years ago, Anders Färdig, the founder of Design House Stockholm visited Design March (the annual design festival in Iceland) and saw my cushions. Design House Stockholm approached me to produce the pillows. However, the struggle to find the right factory to make the Knot Cushion kept on going until 2016 when they were finally able to include them in their wonderful collection of products.

2. How has being unique made you stand out?

The Knot Cushion experience has been quite a journey. I think having a unique product to offer has helped me build up my brand and made it easier to bring new things to the market and receive new projects. I guess it has built up a certain threshold for me as a designer.

I’ve always been attracted to unusual things, shapes, textures, color combinations, etc. And I haven’t been afraid to incorporate that into my designs. I like things that are unusual and a little weird, they make life a little more interesting.

3. For young women inspired by you as a designer, what adivice would you give them to keep pushing their dreams?

Figure out what you like. Create with yourself in mind, not others. Inspiration is everywhere. But most of all, enjoy what you are doing and get lost in the moment.

4. What is your favourite coloured cushion and why?

Ever since I was a kid I have loved pink and especially bubblegum pink. I don’t know what it is that draws me to it, it’s just so inviting and fluffy. You can pretty much put anything pink in front of me and I will like it.

I think bubblegum pink fits perfectly with the shape of the Knot Cushion.

5. What’s next for you as a designer? 

I am working on some projects, including tea light holders with a company in the States called Middle Kingdom Porcelain and another exciting project with Ikea.

I am also working on a line of woven blankets. Earlier this year I took a course in weaving which was incredibly inspiring.

I hope to take some more courses this year, including a course in ceramics. I think learning new things is crucial when designing, it keeps you inspired and motivated.

We absolutely love this statement interior design piece, and better yet love seeing Girl Bosses doing their thing! Be sure to get your hands on a Knot Cushion, complete with a range colours to your taste.

Retailing at £77 and can be purchased in store from Selfridges.

Photography Credit: Le Petit Fika


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