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February 4th, 2016 / Stephane

There will be some days when you will not feel like cooking but you equally don’t want to sell your soul to the local chicken and chips shop. Equally, there may be days when you have guests coming around and are time-poor but still want to leave your guests feeling like they have dined like kings and queens. On such days, you may well be thanking Jesus that Mamma Anna & Co exists.

Mamma Anna & Co is a family run Italian deli in West Kensington that uses only the finest organic ingredients. It is an open plan deli where you can watch the food being prepared before your very eyes. On a dreary evening after a long day, I decided to sample Mamma Anna’s finest fares, which—from start to finish —I was able to prepare in under 15 minutes. The most ‘exertion’ involved was boiling the pasta, which to be fair—the pot did most of the work.


I combined the pasta with the creamy yet subtle Walnut Sauce, to which I also added a little bit of salt and pepper to boost the flavours. On one baking tray, I warmed through the Vegetarian Lasagne, Malfatti, Meatloaf and Gnocchi. Each dish bought with it its own set of joys. The Vegetarian Lasagne combined mint and almond pesto, courgettes and mozzarella.


(Pictured Above: Meatloaf)


(Pictured Above: Lasagne) 

The mint was a delightful surprise that worked very well in uniting all the flavours in the lasagne. Malfatti is a blend of ricotta cheese, spinach and free-range eggs and was both light and delectable. The Gnocchi was made with semolina flour, eggs, Parmesan cheese and butter and was scrumptious! The Meatloaf also had a great flavour and although it was quite dry on its own, the tomato sauce that it came with added some much-needed moisture.


(Pictured Above: Desert)

Dessert came in the form of Crostata—an Italian baked tart topped with apricot conserve—and Biscotti, which all went down with a lovely cup of tea.

Mamma Anna & Co is a great find. What is more, the cooking classes they have on offer are a tempting invitation. To find out more, check out: www.mamma-anna.co.uk

By Kazstarlet

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