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It’s always exciting when you are headed off to the spa! A day full of relaxation and pampering; every woman’s dream. Having heard raving reviews about the Wi Spa in Korea Town we decided to head out to see what all the noise was about.

Now Wi Spa isn’t your typical spa and that’s what made the overall experience so intriguing. It’s ethos and theme is based on ancient Korean styles and traditions. It stands as a family friendly spa which allows its guests to indulge in Korean culture with a extensive selection of modern, global spa services accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Kitted out on four levels, there is something for everyone. Each floor caters to specific needs with the Women’s floor, Men’s floor, The Family-Friendly JIMJILBANG and the beautiful rooftop terrace with views of downtown Los Angeles.

Now the experience wouldn’t be what it is if their weren’t some key ground rules set in place, for me it was certainly fascinating to learn of the do’s and don’ts. To see the extensive list of Spa Etiquette visit their website.


(Hi-Tech Locker room system) 

There are no bathing suits allowed and you are given the Wi Spa uniform upon arrival. What I love most about this is everyone is the same. No one is set apart because they are wearing a SS14 swimsuit or high street bikini. Everyone is the same, bearing flaws and all. It takes a second to get your head around, but soon enough, you get over it and embrace the experience for what it is.

(pictured above: Linda all set and ready to go)

So we were set to have the Buff & Aroma treatment. It lasts 90 mins and costs $90. First things first we had to take a shower and were escorted to the treatment room. With girly pink treatment table covers we were asked to lay down in private booths and the treatment would begin.

The first procedure is a body scrub. Now this is the best part as you can literally feel and see all the dead skin coming off your skin (well it was for me). At intervals we had warm water gushed on us before the therapist continued scrubbing away. This took a while and no body part is missed out. After about 30 mins of being cleaned to perfection I was asked to shower and return back for the aroma oil massage.

This was delightful! and the most relaxing part of the experience. Followed by a cucumber face mask and collagen face mask. There is also an option of having your hair shampooed if you like. After 90 mins I felt revived, clean and refreshed and was ready to explore the other facilities in the spa.

final 048

Salt Sauna (pictured above)

With an extensive range of services, rooms the list was endless with what I could do. I’m talking hot and cold tubs, dry and steam saunas, treatment stations, showers, and all of the beauty and grooming facilities you would expect of a world class destination spa. Specialty mineral saunas including a Salt Sauna, Ice Sauna, Clay Sauna, Bulgama, their are so many options for you to indulge and see your skin revived sequence for optimal results.

final 126-2

Now all the above facilities are accessible to you for just $15 for the whole day, so it really is a real bargain and treat. They have everything for you to make the most of the day too, including a gym, work station, relaxation rooms and a roof terrance overlooking the city.

final 182

It truly is an amazing spa with so much to offer its customers. Overall I would have to rate the Wi Spa as a 5 star spa for the innovative resources they provide and first class service all round. With Christmas fast approaching I would definitely recommend this a treat for a loved one!

Visit to look at their extensive list of services and book your appointment.

Wi Spa
2700 Wilshire Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90057

Tel: (213) 487-2700

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